• Work anytime

  • Increase your $

  • Get your own freelance visa

as an

English teacher

  • Let English Schools know that you are
    a one of a kind teacher and let them scout you!

  • Keep increasing your salary as you get positive evaluations.

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Higher Evaluations = Higher Salary

Higher Evaluations
= Higher Salary

  • Let schools evaluate your work and the more positive reviews you gain, the more other schools will hire you because you are a capable teacher.
  • Typically, schools are looking for a teacher with lots of experience and skill. The more experience you gain, the more they will pay you.


Read School Reviews

Read School Reviews

  • To make it fair, schools not only evaluate you but you can also read school reviews.
  • By reading school reviews, you can plan accordingly when deciding which school you want to work for.


Share your schedule
Hourly / Weekly / Monthly

Share your schedule
Hourly / Weekly / Monthly

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Emergency substitute

By sharing your schedule on New Me, schools will be able to find you if your schedule matches their need for a teacher.

It takes only 3 minutes!

WHAT's New Me ?

New Me is an app that matches English teachers with schools.

New Me Freelancer Requirements


  • Your Hourly/ Monthly/ 1day wage.
  • Your availability.

and GAIN

  • Teaching experience.
  • Freelance visa (work visa).

Once you manage to get evaluations and earn salary as a freelancer, you could sponsor your own visa by applying for a freelance visa in Japan.

In order to work as a freelance English teacher, you must have a valid working visa first, but once you earn more than ¥200,000 monthly, you can sponsor your own visa.

Over 10 million people for 5 consecutive years !!

Freelancer Statistics

In the future, Japan will have more and more people willing to work as freelancers because their work will be evaluated and judged fairly by companies. Freelancers can work hard and receive proper recognition.

New Me vs. Other Services


New Me

English School Services

Full-Time Direct Hire

Choose your hours ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆
Increase your pay ☆☆☆ × ×
Decide your wage ☆☆☆ × ×
Read school reviews ☆☆☆ × ×
Flexibility ☆☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆

Pay raise quickness

*Evaluation waiting period


Depends on the school

3 Ways to work for New Me


Working at 1 school


Working at multiple schools


Sometimes, schools get notified last minute that a teacher will be absent. If your schedule is on New Me, schools can contact you to fill in as an emergency substitute for that teacher.

Tips for Freelancer

First time to work as a freelancer?

No problem. Read our summary to get know more about work as a freelancer in Japan.

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